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Jan 29, 2011

Muwatana Update

After a number of messages asking volunteers to stop pouring into Al-Harithy because there were just too many already there, an update from Muwatana was sent letting everyone know why.

1. There were no cartons to pack with.
2. There were not enough supplies to pack, or what was there was not needed.
3. It was Friday and a lot of the companies, stores, and factories that were to be bought from were closed.

The number of volunteers was estimated to be above 1000 throughout the day, so those interested in helping are urged until the need for more is announced.
Apparently rumors of resentment got back to the organizers, because they apologized for any misinterpretation and reminded all that everyone was working under pressure. Another apparent rumor was people being asked to pay to volunteer, when the registration said there were no supplies, and that the only way they'd have anything to volunteer was to go buy supplies from their own pocket.

After scanning the needs of the victims, the organizers will announce needed supplies daily, and that companies such as Panda, Dallah Albaraka, and others were late because of the closed stores.

Every day a meeting takes place between representatives of the Amanah, the Civil Defense, and Ministry of Social Affairs. All are working together to support volunteers and back up the project.

The hotlines will be announced to report problems, needs, and requested supplies.

They ask for everyone to be patient and understanding. If anyone wants to volunteer, they are requested to keep calm and refrain from hostility. They remind all that group charity work is a trial and its success is evidence of the strong will and personality of the volunteers involved.

Epicness about the turnout, yeah? A shame how restless people can be though. I'm not looking forward to anyone who'd get angry about not having volunteerwork to do going out and protesting -_-

On another note, a commercial street in Jeddah had a protest lead by a woman.
I ask: Where was her meḥram and why could I see her shoulders? Hm?

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