You may have been directed here for information about the floods in Jeddah of 2011. I have stopped actively researching how to help the flood victims, but you can find all the information I did find here.

#JeddahRain Updates (OUTDATED)

The following are sites that are posting updates on the floods.

SOURCED: MBN Photography
I'm sticking close to this one because it gets information from Al-Harithy Center a lot of the time.
It shifts from the Jeddah floods to the Egyptian revolution.

PHOTOS: The JeddahRain Hash Album
For photos, this is where I go. It's a live feed of all photos being posted with the hashtag "JeddahRain" on Twitter.
NOTE: A lot of photos may be from last year's floods, please do not take anything as complete fact unless it is sourced. It's just to give an idea of what's going on.

FUN FACT: The photo of the guy jet-skiing around Jeddah is not photoshopped (two first-hand encounters).

SOURCED: Arab News
Prompt and helpful the whole way through, the link leads directly to search results of Jeddah and in turn, the floods.


Note: Share links with me. My other links disappeared.