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Aug 25, 2009

Saudi Blogger, Where Art Thou?

My time can be allocated in very efficient productive ways, but if I did that, I wouldn't be Khayra. Not that I'm proud of it, on the contrary, it's changing. "Gradually" is a good word to describe the change. "Smoothly" is also a good one, but "snail-paced" is probably the most accurate.

To the point; I've been looking for Saudi blogs because I'm dorky and no matter what I do I have to do it in the context of others doing the same thing. I like the feel of communities, I suppose. So what did I come up with after looking? Not much. Which is seriously sad, and it looks even more pathetic when I see sites like these. Why doesn't Saudi have just ONE all-encompassing site on collaboration and discussion? Who knows? Who cares? They're probably all on Facebook... Which isn't bad, just inconvenient.

-+EDIT+-// I stand corrected, there's a place for Saudi bloggers.

So I've taken it upon myself to make everyone else's life easier and put up some Saudi-based blogs on this post.

Many are just about life in Saudi by expats

Saudi Jeans
American Bedu
Black Chick in Saudi
Alien Memoirs
Sas in Saudi
Rasheed's World
Susie's Big Adventure
Prom 2000

The following aren't blogs by Saudis, but helpful nonetheless.

Aramco Expats
Susie of Arabia

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