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Sep 2, 2009

Has All That Training in Optimism Paid Off?

Having the high of summer wear off because everyone I know returned to regularly scheduled universities untouched by Ramadan isn't the best of feelings. Thankfully, on the particular day I'm thinking of, I was still floating on the mellow buzz of not wearing an abaya, being off on my own wherever, and having [albeit small] bookstores to spend hours in.

While looking over the magazine section just one more time on my way out I wonder if I should give in and get Brownbook for light reading. All of a sudden, I spot a cover of a mufti-looking guy wearing a cloak of flags playing chess with oil barrels and people.

en.v: a publication dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world.

With the biggest words on the cover saying, "MAKE YOUR MOVE: trusting others to decide for you...", I figured it would be a cute attempt by public funded initiatives to push youth to be "just a little bit more please please please! For your future?" active. I was so satisfyingly wrong. Each and every article was more appreciated and wanted than the last with stats, books, news, movies, and references to eco-innovations that I have never heard of.

Eventhough it would've been nice to find it a little earlier, I'm glad I stumbled upon it now and had it be the frosting on the cake I've been seeing made recently. I've been known to gush about initiatives like Masdar City, numerous publications catering to the MENA*, and Al Manakh for being real homegrown intitiatives with the promise of maintenance and persistence [two things you don't find much around the Middle East, if I'm not mistaken].

Only circumstantial dissapointment I have is that, surprise surprise, en.v isn't available in Saudi. I'm apprehensive about anyone actually considering taking it there right now, though, I'm apprehensive about almost every new possibility concerning Saudi Arabia. This is how I know I have achieved Saudi nationality, I suppose.

Worry and angst aside, though. I don't mind touching on the notion that I might one day pass by the local section of Jarir in Jeddah to find more tantalizing publications making an impact on my immediate environment (not just the organic one) then and there.

*More publications I've stumbled upon:
(Note how most are consumer-based)
Bidoun: Drool-worthy.
Canvas: MENA art
What's Up: Jeddah/Riyadh lifestyle
Alef: Pan-Arabia lifestyle
THOUQ: One of the reasons I'm trying to read Arabic.

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