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Nov 29, 2010

SRA: A 5-year-old Journal Entry

The following is something I found recently. It was originally posted on my deviantArt journal when I was about 18. Tomorrow I'm turning 23, and I thought I'd commemorate the freedom from hormones by posting this gem.

I genuinely laughed out loud because it was so true.


Hi. My name is Khayra and I'm a social retard.
Hi, Khayra
Umm, so where do I go from here? I mean, I do want to say alot but I don't know where to start... The last straw? I guess the last straw I had before coming here was when I had to find out about some articles about Christie's. I'm an intern at Christie's. The thing about this was that I had to call up a company and speak to someone about something that I wasn't 110% sure about. It went something like-
"Hello, Mixed Media Publishing, how may I help you?"
"Um, hi I'm calling from Chrisitie's I need to find out if you have a database of articles or something that you can search so I can find out if you guys know any events that Christie's have done with you for charity and stuff? Like Nokia or the camels?"
"... What is it that you're asking, ma'am?"
"... ... I need to, um, findoutifyou'vecoveredeventsofours"
"I'll put you through to the editor, ma'am, is that okay?"
"Um, yeah, that's okay, yeah, thank you so much, yeah, thanks"
Thankfully the editor had a warm comforting understanding voice much like the lady who reads you your messages after a long day.
I wondered if it comforted me only because it reminded me of something inhuman... Anyway, right after I hung up I realised that I had NO idea what I was thinking. I realised that while I said all that, my mind was either completely blank, or racing so fast with fear that it was simply a blur.
I just didn't really know where to turn I guess... The thought popped into my head to get everything off my chest... And I followed through. So I'm here.
... Should I go on? 
Oh, okay. Um... I really do want to fix this. I've already made a few rules for myself.
I... Um, thought it'd be good to start online. Again, I mean.
When I was eight years old, I couldn't ask the waiter at the restaraunt I was eating at if they could bring me a glass of water. I'm convinced that through foruming and chatting to random people I met online, I learned something.
Maybe not much, but something, and realising that I learned something made me realise that I have to learn more. So I pushed myself offline to ask questions and stuff and so on. My way of starting online now is to follow up with friends. Mostly online friends because they're easier to reach.
I don't know what this will do for me, exactly.
I'm hoping that it'll teach me to followup when I conclude that I want to know someone. I have no one to call "an old friend" today because I lost touch.
Um, I dunno.
I think this helped though, thanks.
Let's all give Khayra a hand and our support for being strong enough to admit that she has no friends for faults all her own!
-applause and woots-
Khayra, I want you to remember, that just like the very few who you know believe in you, there are so many more. Just chill and listen to advice. Breathe when you realise that you're babbling like The Ranting Swede and look like a complete idiot, as is probably usual, okay? 
... Okay.
Thanks. I mean that.
-farts while sitting down-
-is mortified-

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