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Dec 30, 2010

Microposts: 2010

There are some things that I would blog about if there was enough to say about it. Why publish a complete post when it could be said in 140 characters?

Significant tweets representing significant moments in my life.

 Khayra Bundakji 
Lol, priceless. It's just a resonating "why?" to me.  (via @)

#JeddahRain and general Twitter activism begins.

 Khayra Bundakji 
I've realized the extent of my love for the "environmental movement". I genuinely panicked when I couldn't remember Rachel Carson's name.

 Khayra Bundakji 
Attended my first tweetup at . Thank you @@ @ @ @ @for easing me into it <3

 Khayra Bundakji 
I've been hobbling lately, but I am free as of now. I will have none of your chicken broth or cut any more vital corners. I am vegetarian.

More than 6 months after playing around with the thought, I take the plunge.

 Sate Hamza ساطع 
 by khayraB
Imagine what'll happen 2 media if a story erupted in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (UK)

 Khayra Bundakji 
Would you be disappointed if I told you that when there's a debate about clean energy on NPR... I go "OH!" when someone crosses the line?

 Very Short Story 
 by khayraB
They celebrated Earth Day each year, remembering the planet their parents spoke of, from a time before the evacuations to space.

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