You may have been directed here for information about the floods in Jeddah of 2011. I have stopped actively researching how to help the flood victims, but you can find all the information I did find here.

Jan 27, 2011

#JeddahRain: Because Special People Need Their Own Hashtags

From Arab News:
JEDDAH: In just three hours Wednesday morning Jeddah was inundated with 111 millimeters of rain, the King Abdulaziz University's (KAU) Meteorology Department said.

Mansour Al-Mazrouie, head of the department, said Wednesday's volume of rainfall exceeded the 90 mm recorded in four hours during the Nov. 25, 2009 flash floods that killed at least 123 people and damaged thousands of vehicles and homes.

The average amount of rain during the winter months (November to January) is about 51mm.

He said what Jeddah is presently witnessing is due to climate change.

Of course I would put that last bit in, but the truth is the truth. The city's worked up over the floods produced by a not-so-dangerous rainfall. Sewage system drama and pointed fingers are all the rage once again.

A little more well-prepared (the people, apparently not government or its PR), real-time updates are everywhere in order to help keep people safe and direct them to dryer areas.

I'll post more things, for now there is an interactive real-time map to help find clear roads before getting stuck, a blog dedicated to it, a photo gallery on Arab News, and the Hashalbum sums up the images being posted on Twitter with the hashtag of #JeddahRain.

Cars floating away.

All related updates via Twitter

Muwatana updates to come.

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