You may have been directed here for information about the floods in Jeddah of 2011. I have stopped actively researching how to help the flood victims, but you can find all the information I did find here.

Feb 9, 2011

#JeddahRain: PostAlHarithy Era

Al Harithy Exhibition Center was used as a warehouse for collection donations of various items for about a week when the floods hit. The operation focused on receiving volunteers to sort and package items as well as go on site to deliver said packages and whatever medical and physical help was needed.

The transition of its closing was gradual, with different already registered organizations being allotted the affected areas. On January 31, the organizations and their allocated regions were announced and the updated version of February 3 can be found below, along with other changes.

An overview of the changes is as follows:

1. The hotline dedicated to Al-Harithy has been handed instead to Al-Bir Society.
The hotline number: 92 000 1424

2. Aid has been distinctly distributed so each affected district has only one official association dealing with donation and volunteer efforts. The allocation is as follows:

Al-Nakheel - Umm Al-Khair: Wedad Charity Foundation and AlBir Society

Al Tawfeeq - Al Samer: Gamˀiyat Marākiz Al Aḥyā' Taif (No English info, coming soon)

Al Ajwad - Umm Al Hudud: Al Mustawˀid Al Khairy

Bani Malik - Aneekish: Al Faisal Society

Al Balad, Al Hindawiyah, Al Khamrah, Thahban: AlBir Society

Al Sabeel, Ghulail, Al Kuwaitiun Neighborhood: Women's Charitable Society

Al Muṣfāh, Al Baghdādiyah, Al Qaryāt: Gamˀiyat Marākiz Al'Aḥyā'

Al Kandarah, Al Jāmiˀah Dist.: Al Mustawˀid Al Khairy

Al Hamrah Dist. and Al Sharafiah: Jamˀiyat ˀyun Jeddah - ḥarfiah

Al Ruwais: Al Jamˀiyat Al Faialiah

Falasteen St.: Jamˀiyat Al 'Asr Al Muntajah

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