You may have been directed here for information about the floods in Jeddah of 2011. I have stopped actively researching how to help the flood victims, but you can find all the information I did find here.

Feb 16, 2011

Microposts: Early 2011

There are some things that I would blog about if there was enough to say about it. Why publish a complete post when it could be said in 140 characters?

The beginnings of my nationalism, food experiments, and a life-long decision.

 Khayra Bundakji 

Those wanting a  in  are pretentious and smackable with absolutely no regard for maintenance or evolution.

My initial bout of disdain for the Westernized bandwagon that is an unrealistic one-size-fits-all solution to inconveniences. Organic evolution backed with humanity and patience gains my attention.

 Khayra Bundakji 

Huffington Post: "Floody Hell": Saudis Face Misery as Jeddah Drowns, Again!  

 Khayra Bundakji 

Helpful abbreviations provided by PME (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment). Must verify existence of these groups.

I find that we have lovely eco-friendly laws in Saudi Arabia. More blogging to come from this when more information is found.

 Khayra Bundakji 

*air punch* RT @: Saudis "turning Mecca into Las Vegas"     

My disdain for poorly planned projects reaches a new, still not very effective, level.

 Arwa Aburawa 
 by khayraB

“I don’t want kids”  via @ who is looking for women who have decided not to have children 

A new life-long commitment is solidified, but I'll blog that view some other year.

 Khayra Bundakji 

New theory: Any topping that can go on a pizza, can go on pasta. I will conduct further research and present to you the conclusions.

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