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Mar 19, 2011

Saudi Youth: Vacations

NOTE: Jeddah floods' arc can be found with the above tab of "About #JeddahRain"

I thought the recent happenings of Saudi university operation and services were worth a blog post. With the unanticipated damage had by the Jeddah floods in January, it's no wonder no university would want to be put in the same position they were in when it hit. It was a nightmare for everyone to get home when the rain was underway. Thus, no real surprise or qualms came up when schools were cancelled mid-Tuesday and all of Wednesday due to rain warnings.

Now, the king has proclaimed tomorrow to be a vacation. I happen to follow many students that can be dubbed studious and proactive, so I only know what this minority is saying about the situation; They're not too pleased.

Otherwise, apparently a lot are on the streets celebrating. I'll update this post when solid articles come out.

Because I'll have to stay until 6pm some days this week to make up for the lost classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm not too pleased either. No telling what frightening outcome will come of this day off.

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