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Apr 15, 2011

Earth Day in Jeddah 2011

Email me any more information you have about environmental events in Jeddah for Earth Day 2011.
For my organization, Faseelah(فسيلة), I had to write a nice informative post about what's happening in Jeddah for Earth Day 2011 :D

Courtesy of the Earth Day Network website. Click to contribute.

There isn't anyone here I'm trying to sweet-talk into being active in EcoJeddah, so I can let the cynic in me run wild. I'm loving Al-Nabta's approach to celebrating Earth Day. It seems straight-forward and they have a place and a time. Click here for more information.

Now, I adore the Islamic environmentalist approach taken by SENS (Saudi Environmental Society) and they're not doing anything wrong, but so much more could be done! Click here to jump right to what they are doing.

Earth Day is an American campaign that started 41 years ago to spread awareness about the environment. They have a theme each year to bring awareness to campaigns gaining momentum or needing more attention. This year's themes are very applicable to Jeddah, and the inspiration is being ignored (I am grateful it's happening).

Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green®

Technically, the idea this year revolves around registering one billion acts of green in pledges for the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.
The campaign includes
  • Athletes for the Earth: Bringing the voices of Olympic and professional athletes to the environmental movement
  • The Canopy Project: Supporting global reforestation
  • Green Schools: Greening America’s Schools within a Generation
  • Women and Green Economy (WAGE)™: Engaging women leaders in the creation and development of a global green economy
  • Creating Climate Wealth: Convening 200 of the world’s entrepreneurs to solve climate change and create a new green economy
  • Arts for the Earth: Celebrating the work of environmental artists in all media, and partnering with the American Association of Museums to bring sustainability to museums nationwide

I could be very wrong. You know why? Because there is little to no information at all anywhere about what's going on. I was told there'd be a cleanup dive, a cleanup on Corniche, and an exhibition, but the presentation (see below) that I found says... Different/fewer things.

BUT! It's happening ^_^ I'm thankful.

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