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Apr 30, 2011

Moat Evasion

Moat Evasion: A Title

I'm not one to speak openly about my feelings, especially when it comes to vulnerability. It feels right, however, to do so today. A little more than a year ago, my energy and time was dedicated to Faseelah (فسيلة), an eco-friendly organization I started. University-based, those knowing of it are the only ones to have probably seen my motivation fizzle out (the title makes sense now, eh?).

Decentralization, transparency, and genuine human connection are ideals of mine. Borders and barriers between entities are so... Unnatural.

In fact, it goes against all of what was here before and will be here after us. I know this and am reminded regularly of others not knowing due to barriers built between curiosity and "life".
The mentioned "life" denotes society's way of living at the moment. This demotivates me.

My Recent Not-So-Eco-Friendliness

I won't claim to know all about Islam, but I can imagine that if the prophet were to live up to today's demands of non-violence and gender equality, he would've made as much of an impact as a hippie in Saudi/general/commerce.
With that, I've given in to simply knowing what's happening to the Earth instead of changing the world. Not recycling as much and not boycotting all plastic, I'm focusing on studies.

In a Tropical Cyclone

I don't care about climate change. I find it to be similar to AIDS-CIA conspiracies; forget the explanation and save the kids, I say! The argument goes, however, that the funky weather happening has something to do with the global warming mumbo-jumbo. My annoying experience with the Jeddah Floods did confirm habits from "life" can make such catastrophes far worse with litter contaminating the waters and uncleared streets affecting residents' health.

Hurricane Katrina. No information on source. If you know, let me know!

There are moats in cyclones. When hurricane Rita came along, scientists got to study how a moat affected the intensity of the storm. Hurricane Rita was the one that grew from the least powerful category (category 1) to the most (category 5) within one storm, becoming the fourth most intense Atlantic hurricane recorded.
Seemingly unrelated, the Fukushima reactor, made with the best intentions, brought deadly levels of radiation into people's lives during Japan's recent earthquake.

Via Reuters

Climate change argument
The gist of global warming is that the globe is getting warmer (said the future biology teacher; my teaching genius knows no bounds), so the ice at the poles of Earth are melting. The idea is earthquakes, caused by shifts of underground plates, are intensifying because the sturdiness of the planet's crust is being affected by the liquifaction of icecaps that might as well be continents in this regard.

To the nay-sayers
Again, who cares about climate change? 25 years after the Chernobyl incident (the accidental nuclear disaster), we've found out nuclear energy, while efficient, isn't worth it.


Yet here we are, radiating Abu Dhabi. Of course, I refrain from mentioning all the forms of radiation use with ill intentions, because I wouldn't stop.

In the end, this is a plea for love and support. I'll take it in any form. Come shopping with me and I'll provide all the pocket-sized reusable bags you could need.


To wrap up the theme, evading Mr. Moat of the Northumbria shootings while he lived was a good idea.

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