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Nov 24, 2011

GeekFest Jeddah α Overview

(Pronounced GeekFest Jeddah Alpha)

This is it, the page with all the info you could possibly want for GeekFest Jeddah α!


Must Read! (Remember, geeks love reading manuals!)

For Gents and Those Far Away

GeekFest α is a ladies only event! The cashier and front of Bridges Bookstore will be open to all, but the seating area downstairs and all of upstairs is reserved for ladies.
This is because we're testing it and we promise to bring you GeekFest β (for gents) after the rainy season!
However, you can listen to live audio stream and contribute on Twitter and the Facebook Page using the official website (!
We'll set up the audio part about 6:00pm on Wednesday.

GeekFest Culture

Casual Dress
  1. Even though it's just ladies, you'll still require your abayas.
  2. Take the term "casual dress" literally. If you're new to geekdom, know that a lot of people will come in sneakers/flats and t-shirts/jeans.
  3. Take the term "casual dress" as an open invitation. It means no one is meant to judge, so go crazy with a geeky outfit that you'd find at a comics convention (for example)!

Geeks tend to be so passionate about what they're obsessed with, they're willing to discuss it with ANYONE. Here are some tips to keep GeekFest a friendly atmosphere: 
  1. Speak English. A lot of great conversations start when someone heard what you said and came up to introduce themselves. How will they come up if they didn't understand it?
  2. Socialize! It's why you're coming! There'll be so many opportunities to go up to a random stranger and tell them you've seen them on Twitter, or you like their geeky outfit, or ask what they thought about the GeekTalks.
When You Get There (click here)
We're trying to keep it as UNorganized as possible, but some things just make life easier.
  1. Twitter handle tags will be stickers given to you so you can writer your Twitter/Facebook/DeviantArt/etc. username. You'll be surprised as to how many people will recognize it! Bring a printed picture of your avatar and we'll stick that on as well ;)
  2. Announcements will be made by you! We don't want any part in authority, so when there's an announcement, you'll see the signal and have the chance to make it yourself.

GeekTalks by...

Dima Ikhwan (@dikhwan)
Economy, improv, and books. Because why wouldn't your average person geek-out to those things? 3al6ayer comedy writer comes to share experiences of being in the first batch of the YouTube channel's creators and what's come of it overall.

Diana (@diana_tweets)
Nessreen Diana Tamano comes to speak as her online alias, Diana (who isn't any different than her, actually). She shares her knowledge of blogging and podcasting along with her experience with That Jeddah Podcast.
Geekspertise: Grammar, memes, and hipster wannabe-ism

Jawaher Abbar (@Jewelsabbar)
An avid animal activist, among many other things, comes to explain why opening a much needed dog shelter in the kingdom is near impossible and to share her own experiences with Darwin and Gaia.
Geekspertise: Love for animals and filmmaking

ArtStuff by...

Soraya Darwish (@sorayadarwish)
Soraya Darwish is an experimental artist and graphic designer. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia since 1988, it has become her home. A sense of responsibility constantly compels her to tackle social issues and raise awareness about causes through art and design. Take a peek at her love affair with art and design through her blog.

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