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Nov 22, 2011

GeekFest Jeddah α: TechnoCases

(Pronounced GeekFest Jeddah Alpha)


I'm loving how ownership of GeekFest is being adopted by all involved. I was expecting companies interested in showcasing their products to give money and expect sponsorship rights, but I've been blown away with the enthusiasm of contributing. According to GeekFest lore, we give helpful companies TechnoCases for technology showcasing for their products and getting personal dialogues with online thought-leaders of Jeddah.

Pixel Munch

As mentioned, the app and website developing company was the first to come on board the geeky train. They've risen above and beyond expectations by paying monetarily and setting up the onsite twitterfeed and online audio steaming so gents can participate in #GeekFestJED. Not to mention Ghaida lending top gaming expertise (I've only ever been a wannabe gamer... And failed).
Expertise: App and website development and user experience
Twitter: @PixelMunch



Now that you get the idea of funky companies coming to get quality time with the local online thought-leaders, you can get in touch to work with GeekFest in a variety of ways:
Twitter: @GeekFestJeddah
Email: Me (Khayra Bundakji)

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