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Oct 3, 2011

Cancel Iqama

I once had an idea for a book called With Yourself* which would be a compilation of odd bumper stickers/car art in Jeddah.
The only thing I love more than my ideas coming from my hard work is someone else having the same notion and doing it better than I could.

Cancel Iqama!** is such a site that gets people to post the interesting oddities I ended up loving about Saudi Arabia. And it's a tumblelog, so you'll be seeing many entries reblogged on my tumbelog. They also have a Facebook Page.

Here are some gems that made me lol.

At least they're honest.

They put a spring in your step.

"Creative use of parking space."

Think about it.
That must have been a lot of ink and work.

* It's a term from the Arabic ma‘a nafsak, the equivalent of... I'm not sure. But point is, people insist on writing it in English even though it has now context or meaning. It's popular to put on the back of your car to show your English speaking know-how.

** Cancel Iqama says, "An Iqama is a residence permit given to any foreigner residing in Saudi Arabia. There is no guarantee on the legal status of the permit as it can be cancelled for a variety of reasons that may not seem fair. Furthermore, an Iqama can be used to judge a person’s status in society based on nationality and the listed profession."

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