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Nov 19, 2011

GeekFest Jeddah α: Firsts


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I've been a fan of GeekFest Dubai since I first heard about it. Time passed and then, in the most serendipitous of ways, a friend of mine ended up working with Alexander McNabb, one of the two people behind it. Long story of procrastination and geek deficiency made short, GeekFest Jeddah is ON.
This teaser post lists the firsts of the journey, namely, the first details of the first GeekFest in Jeddah.

GeekFest Jeddah α

(pronounced GeekFest Jeddah Alpha)
When I was younger, I would make very intricate patterns as doodles. It would incorporate elements I learned from maths and physics, and it showed that insanity-laced potential of genius. But shortly after it started, I got addicted to Harry Potter fanfics, thus it didn't last. However, I had a little bit of it left over to bring up complicated solutions to things, such as GeekFest Jeddah.

In this instance, to deter two Jeddah event trends from happening*, I came up with having tester GeekFest events which would eventually lead to GeekFest Jeddah 1.0**.

First tester is α, one of the ladies (or geekas) to take place November 30, 2011 at 5:30pm at Bridges Bookstore. The second will be β, one for the gents (or geeks), and so on will the pattern go until 1.0.

First GeekTalk

Diana of That Jeddah Podcast will speak of blogging and podcasting as she is a veteran who is ignoring such obligations to instead give me her attention and time. Also, I'm the only one still standing by her alias.
Diana on Twitter

First TechnoCase

Even before I got to know the folks behind it in real life, I thought having a company like Pixel Munch come straight out of Jeddah from the ground up was the bee's knees. They're all about user experience in app development and websites.
Pixel Munch on Twitter

We're leaking out facts on a daily basis over the next 10 days to keep the guesses and suggestions coming.

Give us one of either by contacting me at Khayra(at)Bundakji(dot)com, saying something on the Facebook Page, Event, or replying to us on Twitter.

* Gender mixing and showing up at events not of interest because there isn't much else to do
** Exactly like the GeekFests everywhere else

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